Luxoria Lifestyle, a day on the construction site

Construction on the French Riviera

This morning the camera followed the Luxoria team around one of our ongoing construction sites. Despite the fact that it is early November, the sun was shining bright on this penthouse apartment located within a stone’s throw distance to the Mediterranean waters. Although the location is certainly glamorous, the site was a collection of wires, plaster, and possibilities. Everyone on site was celebrating the recent completion of some new moldings. They are particularly stunning and will be featured throughout the apartment with recessed lighting. The effect will be dramatic. The team completing the work is the same crew that recently gave a face lift to the ultra-luxurious Hotel Cap Eden Roc. Of course, only the best for Luxoria’s  A-List clients! However, we didn’t celebrate too long! There is still so much to do! Also on site was Luxoria’s master in fabrics, Virginie. Even though the site might look like a mess to the untrained eye, every detail (down to fabrics) must be coordinated weeks and months in advance to assure the project is handed over to the clients 100 percent perfect!

Vérifications des moulures en plâtre avant la pose définitive

How does this look? A Luxoria team member holds up a piece of molding to show what the finished product will look like.


Prise de note sur le chantier pour ne rien oublier

Taking notes: a list of "to dos" for the fabrics is meticulously taken down. Every detail must be planned in advance so that the delivery date can be met.


Bjarni Breidfjord vérifie chaque détail en personne pour être sûr que le chantier sera terminé à la date prévue.

Bjarni Breidfjord, head of Luxoria, takes time to make sure every detail will be accounted for. Bjarni considers this one of his most complex projects to date.


Les pièces de plâtres attendent d'être posée pour apporter l'effet architectural désiré.

Although this may not look like much to the untrained eye. This is actually a intricate and expensive puzzle that will one day be the complex molding in the grand entrance way of this penthouse.


Tous les plans sont scrupuleusement suivis par l'équipe Luxoria.

The dream team looks over plans, leaving nothing to chance.


Bjarni Breidfjord attend impatiemment de voir le chantier terminé.

Good luck to Bjarni Breidfjord on this huge effort! We can't wait to see the finished product!


photography by James Pouliot, 19 Rivoli

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