Interior Design in Paris

Vision of Interior Design by Luxoria Paris

A Mixed Vision of Interiors, from Iceland to France


Originally from Iceland, Bjarni Breidfjord, the creator of Luxoria, soon learned to absorb the so-called Parisian style and mix it with the Nordic rigor to which he was accustomed.

The way Parisians approach interior design and Cannes-pierre-cardin-french-riviera-interior-design/">architecture is quite typical, this city is open to the world and very cosmopolitan, open to cosmopolitan influences, Parisians dare.  Paris has a touch of madness, characteristic of big cities, but with the a certain French-touch.

Paris is the capital of luxury and creativity with a trendy touch that characterizes it.  Parisians like to have interiors that resemble them, which is the expression of their personality, passing transitions of styles from rock’n’roll to a Hausmannian style. Here you will find an article especially talking about the interior decoration in Paris

On the other hand the Icelandic Nordic style tries to produce some idea of perfection with a very clean and clear style and a very pragmatic way of managing spaces and interior design in general where simplicity is a key factor.

Luxoria likes to mix genres and adapt to its clientele by proposing a rigorous approach to the interior design while maintaining a very creative and clear aspect.



More Than Just Style and Furniture

The Luxoria team has a specific approach to interior design, which doesn’t only evolve around technical aspects or creating a luxurious interior which only consists in choosing the right furniture, rather its consists in putting people at the center of the thinking and creative process.

Above all, it is a question of creating a script for the people who will eventually occupy the space that is to be created or modified. We must identify a theme and keep it throughout the entire project.

It is also necessary to ensure that the energy that occupies the space rotates correctly, according to Feng Shui principles, it is necessary to ensure a good overall fluidity in space.

Being an interior designer in Paris requires many qualities, the French and more particularly the Parisians are known to have an eye for details and to have a pronounced taste for beautiful things. Paris is the capital of fashion, love and chicness in all its forms.

This culture of “savoir vivre” and excellence must be respected and restored in the way the interiors and spaces are imagined by the designer, it is the attention to detail that makes the difference.



Travel and Diversity As a Source of Inspiration


Bjarni Breidfjord believes that the Luxoria team draws its strength,  energy and inspiration from the diversity it represents.  

Travel is for him an inexhaustible source of inspiration, each new place, each new experience is a new source from which he nourishes himself and then re-injects into his creations.

This process is very common in art and creating high-end living space environment requires a high dose of creativity and empathy.

Bjarni Breidfjord has had the opportunity to visit many countries in the world, when in  italy he is amazed by the decadent, baroque, overloaded facades of the buildings, which in some cases almost collapses under the weight of too many ornaments.

On the Greek islands is the purity of the white houses that cut off against the sea blue background, in a very marked Mediterranean style.

In Scandinavia Bjarni seeks the perfection of the lines, the purity and the rigor which mark Nordic reputation.

This cosmopolitan aspect of the Luxoria team and the vision of design brought by its creator are perfectly suited to a city like Paris, where the mix of cultures and genres are very present.

A foreign influx is also making its way in  Paris as many do not  necessarily want to live in typically French spaces, many bring with them their cultures and their inspirations creating results that are often very ingenious and out of the ordinary.  This has without doubt had an impact on the interior design scene in Paris.

Luxoria makes a point of preserving this richness and making the most of it to create luxurious and tailor-made design and architecture, in total harmony with the environment and  its owner.


A Way of Thinking Architecture

Here you can discover the designer’s vision of interior architect in Paris.

Luxoria designers come from all over the world, all have very different personalities but are motivated by a common vision of architecture and design while constantly trying to push the limits.

Each project is different and must respect the client’s wishes and demands, it’s treated like a unique assignment and is seen as a new challenge.  The team is continuously motivated by new projects and the discoveries which happen during the design process when the creative energies are flowing and ultimately the joy of seeing it become a reality during the execution of the project when the architectural vision become a reality. 


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