Villa Saint-Tropez Interior design

  • 5 months ago

Project Villa Interior Design Saint-Tropez. This region is synonymous with summer getaways, creative crowds and relaxed pace of life. Boho-chic reigns supreme here, it is an exciting aesthetic to work with as the rules are malleable. This type of stylistic approach first came to prominence in the 60’s. Coincidently, during this era the jet-set and stars of cinema flocked to this small fishing village to during the summer months.  Prior to this, the quiet fishing town was already popular amongst artists such as Matisse, Picasso & Signac. This future migration of celebrities to the region solidified it as a jet-set go-to destination on the Mediterranean. The local traditions and the region’s relaxed approach to life helped shape the Boho-chic aesthetic we know and love today.

Certainly, Saint-Tropez is, after all, the birthplace of the Bobo-chic movement. The home’s interiors are light and fresh with subtle earth tones and muted pastels used throughout. It was important for us to capture the atmosphere of the region in a cohesive way. The home is located in an exclusive gated community, surrounded by rolling green hills and manicured gardens, it is an idyllic summer homestead. The house consists of four bedrooms, six bathrooms, home offi ce and a large open plan living are on the ground level. The space boats three generous terrace spaces enveloped by gardens bursting with indigenous flora.

One of the cornerstones of the Boho-chic aesthetic is that spaces don’t have to confirm to a rigid stylistic form. Spaces can be minimal or maximal, it is up to the person who inhabits the space how it should be. Therefore, this project allowed us to create cosy bedrooms that still felt fresh and summery. Open living spaces that feel chic and cool. Multiple outdoor spaces and terraces encouraged us to create designated destinations. Moreover, we had one space for exterior dining, one for coffee on the terrace, another for curling up with a book, a sunbathing come lounge area, poolside exterior lounge and the football/boules pitch.

The home is afford lots of natural light, this is refracted by the white walls and bright fabrics faithfully used throughout the home. Linens, sisal, soft cottons and pops of colour dominate this home’s design. Curated artworks adorn the walls throughout and echo the home’s Tropéziens heritageAbstract artworks reflect sea views and photography prints reference the screen sirens that once graced the environs.

Vila interior design Saint-troprez

Villa living room interior design Saint-troprez

Vila interior design Saint-troprez

Vila guest bedroom interior design Saint-troprez

Vila guest bedroom interior design Saint-troprez

Master bedroom Vila interior design Saint-troprez

master bedroom Vila interior design Saint-troprez

Luxury garden furniture Vila interior design Saint-troprez

Vila interior design Saint-troprez


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