Paris Apartment: Saint-Germain de Prés

  • 2 years ago

Project; apartment design Paris: Situated in the fashionable left bank neighbourhood in Saint-Germain de Prés, Paris, sits an 18th century building housing a phenomenal home.

This renovation project let us play with many rich materials from our suppliers. The home is bursting with personality, this is evident from the moment one walks through the door. Inspiration for this design was drawn from our client’s favourite places such as Hotel Costes & Le Voltaire. Other emblematic Parisian hot spots can be seen referenced throughout the apartment.

For the Apartment design Paris, careful attention was given to the meticulous decoration of this space. From the opulent wallpaper to the adventurous mix of fabrics. Our vision for our client was at the forefront of each consideration. Moreover, the residence is wallpapered throughout, rich velvets and silks were used to accentuate the ambiance which boasts animal prints creating an luscious atmosphere.

The designs were inspired by the concept of Orientalism. This can be seen in the choice of artworks which depicts exotic locations such as Marrakech, Venice and the Middle East. Additionally, all the oriental rugs are compliment the Napoleon III furniture. Subsequently, these exquisite carpets can be seen adorned on the chevron floors throughout the property.

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