Apartment Port of Nice

  • 6 years ago

The trendy port district of Nice is a busy thoroughfare for the fashion conscious locals of this costal city. The port is the a historic neighbourhood with a mix of classical and contemporary architecture. This captivating property built in the 1930’s is located in the centre of Nice and boasts big bay windows – a rarity in this part of town. These windows ensure the home is drenched in sunlight throughout the day. This apartment went through a modernisation while respecting the existing frescos and structure.

The nature of the fresco work allowed us to be playful with the colours scheme and form of furniture in this design. Carpentry is in great sober tones giving precedence to the colourful furniture and tiling which mixes throughout the apartment.

The high ceilings with ornate coving give an interesting contrast to the eclectic furniture and the modern art which adorns the walls.  What gives personality to this apartment is the audacious use of bright colours which are present in both artwork and furniture. Bonus features of this property include the magnificent views of the Port of Nice and the adjacent Chateau.

Furniture is a mix of made to measure objects and well known Italian brands.  Objects which decorate the apartment have been bought and collected during the owner’s numerous travels abroad.

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