Penthouse Promenade des Anglais

  • 5 years ago

Project; Interior Design South of France. The advent of the The Grand Tour in the 17th century put the Côte d’Azur on the map for many well-healed European aristocrats. Thy were looking for change of scenery from and an escape from the dreary north. Following in their predecessors footsteps in the latter half of the 18th century.

Many wealthy British families took up winter residence in the city of Nice and its surrounding seaside towns. However, this increase in foot traffic along the seafront called for a solid infrastructure to be constructed. This was to accommodate the city’s growing population. Therefore, the creation of La Promenade des Anglais was established. Ever since the inception of the promenade the area has been deemed one of the most desirable to places to live the region. 

This apartment building was built in the 70’s. However, we were inspired by our clients desire to create a home which reflected their love of antique furniture and classical design. The home was designed to make the most of the space. Firstly, an open kitchen gives a bigger sensation in living and dining area. Secondly, bedroom sizes were adjusted to create comfort. Moreover, one of the most exciting aspects in interiors design is that every client’s brief is unique. Therefore, as designers, this keeps us on our feet and encourages us to think outside the box for each and every project.

The client had an appreciation of Classical French design with a modern twist. This allowed us to exercise our creative flare in the quintessential Luxoria manner. This Niçoise penthouse conversion reflects the town’s old world charm and understated elegance in a dynamic. To see more from our interior design South of France click HERE

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