Rivoli Apartment

Project; Interior decoration apartment. A two minute stroll from the beach sits an envy inducing luxury apartment on the Côte d’Azur. A home full of personality and charm. This spectacular abode located in the centre of Nice, boasts large bay windows throughout. Therefore, ensuring the home is drenched in Riviera sunlight all day. Moreover, the high ceilings with ornate molding provide an interesting contrast to the eclectic furnishing. In addition the modern art adorning the walls drowse the eye around the apartment.

What gives personality to this apartment is the daring use of the bright colours. They’re present in works of art and furniture. The furniture throughout the home is a mix of custom-made objects and with particular focus Italian brands. The decorative items in the apartment were purchased and selected during the owner’s many trips abroad. To see other projects we have worked on follow the link HERE

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