How to hire an interior architect in France ?

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How to choose an interior architect to make the best renovation ?

The planning before your interior architect’s choice


First of all, when you want to hire an architect in your city, you must first identify the style you want for the decoration of our estate, we will principally talk about the french style and particularly the parisian luxury style. We need to research what exists in terms of design, what is trendy to have an idea of what we want and what is up-to-date, or just to give us ideas.Then, when one finds interesting designs one must be able to imagine living in it and adapting it to the space that one has, whether it is bigger or smaller.
Moreover, It is necessary to define the budget of your renovation. Knowing that an Architect has a whole list of service providers and negotiates the best prices for furniture or paintings, it is better to think of creating a more accurate list of what you want as furniture and other house’s accessories and give it to him as he will reduce your budget tremendously if you go to buy everything yourself.
When you are going to choose your architect you have to take into account that there are many domains of property renovation that exist in the architecture’s world : towers, collective dwellings, hotels, historic monuments or family villas … So, to build your house, take rather your choice on a man of The art specialized in individual housing, registered to the order of architects.
Then take the time to exploit all the subjects of the renovation with him so that he explains to you if it is possible or not, if he can advise you something else it can also serve to avoid any misunderstanding, When you discover the result.
And finally ask him to show you his previous accomplishments to make sure they meet your expectations.
You can now trust your architect and let him do his work, which can be related to an art for some people.

What are the advantages of engaging an interior designer?


Why should you hire an architect rather than di it yourself when you talk about your home renovation ?

Below here is the differents advantages of engaging an interior designer.
So, first It is a person who used to work and direct teams of electricians, masonry, plastering ..
The architect is professional in the follow-up of the works, and sees at once the defects in the plasterwork for example and the client sees only the fun part of the project, while the architect makes the complex part of the project, more technical.
Furthermore the worker possesses is trained for a better organization of space, and how to use it as well as possible, because one must have a trained look to be able to perceive the space correctly and to do it oneself is more risky to obtain a good result.
The interior architect also has more experience in decoration and a more precise understanding of the finishes, textures, etc. He can sometimes know better the tastes of his client than himself because he is used to meeting types of Personalities that match well with types of decoration.
When working with a group there are more ideas and debates so the final results is often much more creative, more elaborate and more artistic. And finally the customer has only one point of contact (minimizes risk, less waste of time).

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