Luxury Home Renovation in Paris

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Luxury Home Renovation by Luxoria Paris

A Renowned Architectural Culture

Who thinks of Paris, thinks of Haussmannian buildings. Prestigious with their light, cut stone facade, giving a unique style to the city, envied by other capitals all over the whole world.
It all began in London, during a trip to the English capital, Napoleon III fell under the charm of the city, both modern and elegant. On his return to France, he decided to do the same with Paris but there was no question of copying London, he wanted to give a fresh breath to the capital and in order to achieve this, a complete redevelopment of the city was necessary. This included major innovations and a new architectural style, unique and recognizable first and foremost. This grandiose project ran between 1852 and 1970 by Baron Eugène Haussmann. Great boulevards, parks, sewers, sanitation and a transportation system were created as a result of his vision. This is how modern day Paris was born and along it the Parisian architectural style we associate with the city. The Haussmann buildings now represent 60% of all Parisian buildings. Moldings, old fireplaces, parquet flooring. Parisian symbols, Haussmanian interiors are the most sought after on the Parisian market also due to their generous interior volumes.

Luxoria Pays Tribute to the History of Interiors

At Luxoria, a respect for history and style is a priority. In his Parisian renovations, Bjarni Breidfjord takes care to highlight the history of space, especially the enormous cultural past that it carries. The skeleton of the apartment is it’s blueprint, its personality and character, the design and renovation must find its place within it.
The renovation work is complex because it is necessary to adapt to an already existing structure. Whatever the taste, it is possible to do everything with an old structure, adapting it to new uses. Creativity is paramount in a renovation project. Creating a unique space in the image of the client while remaining in harmony with the structure of the space is the Luxoria’s main objective. Combining the charm of the old with the contemporary. The charm of the past associated with modern comfort is the perfect alliance!

Paris, Master of Luxury

This alliance of tradition and modern know-how is at the base of the renowned luxury of France. Paris is the capital of luxury and fashion, it fascinates people attracted by luxury.
It all began with Louis XIV, passionate about luxury and exceptional know-how. In order to show the world the extent of his power, he understood above all the image he wanted to portray to the world. He decided to build a palace synonymous with richness and grandeur that would be remembered: the Palace of Versailles, unique for its splendour and history.

A few centuries later, a certain Charles Frederick Worth evolved a craft mode towards an artistic trait, he created the first haute couture house in 1858, in Paris. Little by little Paris, has made a name for itself as the capital of luxury and fashion. The French excellence is present in all areas: fashion, art, cuisine, architecture, interior design, making Paris an intangible capital of luxury and fashion.

Parisian interiors correspond in style to this French culture, which characterises them. Their style is nurtured by French tradition, based on know-how, expressing French style and taste and ultimately the excellence of luxury. Click here to see How to Organize your Home Renovation


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