Luxoria Paris’s vision of Renovation

Part of the business of Luxoria is dedicated to the renovation of luxury interior decoration. We use the best materials to transform your home into a sophisticated and enjoyable environment. Luxoria interior renovation works in Paris, Monaco, the French Riviera and abroad to revive the interior decoration. We use all our interior architect skills to make luxury renovation.

Together we restore your interior architecture. Whether you are a business or an individual, we work from the luxury renovations, to give you only the best. The interior design must reflect your image, it is on this principle that we renovate your interior to adapt it to you.

We want to transmit to you our desire to create and share with you our experiences and our skills to renovate, with your taste, your interior to feel at home

We are based in Paris because it is the capital of creativity and innovation. Paris is the undisputed place of luxury and savoir vivre, two values that we strive to transcribe on every luxury renovation that we carry out.

The construction of your renovation project of luxury interior design is done with you, according to your desires. Luxoria Paris helps you on the feasibility, budgeting and management of your project

We have already references in the luxury renovation, notably,  the interior design renovation of a beauty clinic on the French Riviera.

Our team and partners will accompany you on all the stages of the renovation. Thanks to years of experience, Luxoria Paris is able to offer you renovation of luxury, with high-quality materials for impeccable quality