Bathroom Interior Decoration in Paris

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Interior bathroom with parisian style

Bathroom Interior Decoration by Luxoria Paris

Luxoria considers the bathroom as a privileged space, a place of privacy combined with relaxation and rest. It is about creating an oasis of well-being, inside a house, where one escapes the daily routine to give free rein to his or her thought and to relax.
Bjarni Breidfjord loves being inspired by the world and remains fascinated by the architecture of the oriental bathrooms that he loves to bring back to France. The tales of a thousand and one nights have perpetuated the culture of well-being thanks to the hammams which are true relaxation temples. Both in a traditional and contemporary vision.

Bathroom Interior Decoration in Paris

The Oriental Bathroom Style Brought to Paris

Oriental culture is very focused on relaxation and the art of well-being. Each treatment is a ritual, each gesture evokes a perception and each scent, an emotion. These rituals make every treatment a true celebration of the body.
The Moroccan tradition dictates the benefits of black soap and argan oil, in Syria the soap of Aleppo is legendary. Turkey plunges us into the ceremony of the hammam. Cleopatra’s Egypt brings us back to the origins of beauty. The Dead Sea transmits its mineral wealth. India introduces us to the holistic approach to well-being an aroma therapy.
With intimacy, exoticism and mystery, the oriental charm invites us to travel and escape. These bathrooms represent the best vision. They differ from classical spaces by their ability to take us away and make us forget reality. Bathroom Interior Decoration in Paris

Natural Materials : The Best Choice for Great Bathroom Interiors

The decoration is marked by this tradition. The mix of different materials, patterns with generous volutes and a palette of elegant and warm shades spread a pleasant atmosphere and takes us into an intimate and exotic world.
Luxoria takes and combines different typical elements of oriental decoration to create interiors style with subtlety.
The oriental spirit is mainly created with natural materials selected for their qualities. The colored tiles, famous zelliges typical of the Moroccan tradition which dress the room and protect the walls from possible splashes. The wooden moucharabieh, great classic of oriental decoration brings the touch of mystery to a space. And the adelakt, ancient technique of wall covering used for centuries, intended to be aesthetic and hygienic, it supports a very high level of humidity. It is in harmony with what this that Luxoria is inspired.

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Paris and Its Diversity As a Source of Inspiration for Our Designers

Bjarni Breidfjord is inspired by the world, his walks in France are rich in ideas. He loves to immerse himself in Paris, this contemporary space open to the world and full of history.
Historically speaking Paris has always been a source of inspiration for art and fashion, but it is in the second half of the nineteenth century that artists and designers are really attracted to Paris.
The capital became particularly the object of all eyes with the Haussmannian architecture of the Second Empire period.
Now, associated with its cultural identity, multiculturalism and cosmopolitan way of life the so called french touch is represented in the mix of different styles and open-mindedness. A palette of colors representing diversity, the crossing of talents, the secret is to exploit the best of what Paris offers and play with these different styles.
Luxoria takes style ideas from this great mix and integrates them in house interiors, the ability to mix different styles is the trademark of our designers. Luxoria meticulously combines styles, a subtle blend of exoticism, culture and tradition in order to offer a contemporary composition of taste and exception.

Bathroom Interior Decoration in Paris

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