Bedroom Interior Decoration In Paris

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Parisian decoration for interior’s bedroom

Room decoration with consciousness

In Japanese architecture, the sleeping area is open to the rest of the house while in France and generally throughout the west, the definition of a personal space is a necessity. Until the nineteenth century the bedroom was reserved for the aristocracy and elites with a certain luxury standing. Henceforth, the desire for a private corner for oneself is anchored in Western culture. A private, intimate and reserved space, the bedroom is a place that differentiates itself from the rest of the house. In our everyday life it’s a place of rest, love or meditation, the bedroom takes us away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is a private sanctuary for yourself and your partner. That is why the designers of Luxoria work very meticulously when it comes to taking care of the decoration of a bedroom. They attach great importance to this privileged space, in order to bring out the desire it reflects.


Paris, Je t’aime

The Parisian bedroom is intimately linked to romanticism. Oh Paris ! The famous padlocks of love of the bridge of the arts, the lyrical flights of Baudelaire, Brassens which composed a hymn praising love… Lovers of the whole world come to France, hoping that the capital of love promises them eternal love. Clients should benefit from a place of celebration of love. The bedroom is the symbol of their love story, their intimate space. Luxoria takes to heart the design of its bedrooms, it is important to be attentive to the needs of the occupants in order to create their ideal cocoon.


A unique space, the reflection of the client’s personality

Considering that the bedroom reflects of the clients’ personality, the designers of Luxoria adapt to each project in a bespoke manner. They make a point of honoring and respecting the building and its architecture, that is how they exploit the personality of each apartment in order to get the best contemporary interior. The Luxoria team tells a story to their clients, their story. In their space, you may be the person you want, detached from the outside world and reality. It is thanks to this capacity of listening and understanding the desires of the clients that the designers create a place for its occupants, a unique and personalized atmosphere, the ideal place.


Creativity and innovation in the French capital

Known for its multiculturalism, the French capital is an example of uniqueness and momentum. It is in this perspective that Luxoria draws inspiration from Paris.
From the hyper rock’n’roll to the classic Haussmanian bedroom, all styles are exploitable. The Parisian style is daring, contemporary, cool and cosmopolitan. From the arty and fashionable atmosphere of the Marais to the chic and bohemian streets, up to the timeless chic of Saint Germain des Prés. A walk in Paris always opens up to different ambiences and styles. Classic, innovative, unusual, the capital offers a unique cultural journey. Parisian walks always fill us with creativity and new ideas on a daily basis.
Bjarni Breidfjord and his interior designers always push boundaries by innovating constantly, each project brings a new vision and an enriched experience. In order to meet customer needs, suppliers and partners are selected with precision. Luxoria always favors innovative suppliers, vision and creativity prevail in the choice of employees. This is how designers ensure a level of quality and excellence to their customers.

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