Interior Decoration Hotel in Paris

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 Interior hotel with parisian style

Interior Hotel Decoration by Luxoria Paris

Temples of luxury and refinement, Parisian hotels are appreciated internationally. Travelers from all over the world come to visit Paris for its taste of luxury. The city offers the ultimate luxury and best services in the hotel industry. Parisian hotels are a guarantee of quality and refinement. Luxoria adapts very easily to this environment which is very close to its spirit and inspiration. When Bjarni works in Paris, he knows how to deal with demanding international clients. The key to the success is to surprise the clients by offering a touch of subtle contemporary elegance proper to the French capital.


Interior Decoration with Purpose

At Luxoria, the designers are aware that the Parisian Palaces have seen great personalities and that it is necessary to keep up with demanding international customers. The challenge for this clientele is to create places of exception, with breathtaking views, lavish decorations, in magnificent buildings. The hotels offer an invitation to be inspired with their unforgettable experiences that are offered to guests not to mention their sumptuous interiors . A true feast to all senses.

The luxury hotel industry in Paris understands the challenge of coping with a great cultural diversity and sets the goal of bringing a unique experience to each client. Interior decoration is essential as it determines the image, style and values of the hotel. The designers of Luxoria always allow each space to tell a story, touching the emotions of customers, marking them, this is how they become moved and let themselves be carried away by the place.

When choosing a theme, based on the desires of the client, the designers at Luxoria are careful to follow the red thread of that theme all the way, this base leads the project, perhaps a specific color palette, a texture, forms or objects for example.

The other challenge of Luxoria is to take into account the environment of the rooms to be decorated according to its functionality. This is what we call hospitality design, a room rarely has a unique function in a hotel; It is often deemed to transform, a breakfast room often becomes restaurant when the lunch hour rings, so the room has to be decorated according to the different roles it will take on during any 24 hour period. At Luxoria we make it our goal to create experiences when it comes to hospitality design.


The Parisian Decor : a Unique Style Embodied by Elegance

When we talk about Paris and the French Lifestyle, it is impossible not to think of the Haussmanian style. The walls and ceilings are decorated with elegant moldings that give a story to each individual room, the sophistication is further emphasised on the doors that boast handcrafted and precious handles, walls often painted in white make the room light and a fireplace often flanked by a mirror crowns the different spaces. High ceilings, generous spaces and luminosity associated with sober colors. No one does greys like the French. This is how Luxoria would define the french capital’s style.


Multiculturalism as an Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

Paris, one of the most visited cities of the world, where people of various nationalities pass through the French capital making the city culturally rich. Like the Parisian population, the interiors are diverse and varied. Paris, a cosmopolitan city enriched by diverse cultures has an impact on interior design reflected in international influences which can be noticed in the modern Parisian interiors with subtle hints of Asia, Africa or the Middle East.

Parisians possesses a culture of elegance very marked and know how to mix the styles while maintaining a magnificent subtlety and a good taste in house decoration.

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