Kitchen Interior Decoration in Paris

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Kitchen Interior Decoration by Luxoria Paris

A Moment in a Parisian Kitchen is a Moment of Conviviality

Plutarque said, “We do not sit down to eat, but to eat together.” This latin first century author had already realized that the kitchen was more than just a place to cook or even eat. Meals celebrate events, strengthen ties and share know-how. Luxoria believes that the environment must be conducive to welcome these privileged moments, it is important to create a kitchen inviting conviviality.

It is in this perspective that Bjarni Breidfjord draws inspiration when visiting Mediterranean houses and draws inspiration for his customers from kitchens around the Med. Moored between three continents, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Mediterranean area by nature is defined by it’s proximity to these cultural regions. That’s why Mediterranean meals carry values such as conviviality, hospitality, sharing and exchange. Beyond gustative pleasure, the Mediterranean people give equal importance to the meal and its social function. All this culture is marked by the art of sharing, this atmosphere is felt in the houses decoration. The designers of Luxoria want to convey to their customers a little of this warm and friendly atmosphere of sharing. The Mediterranean vision serves as a model of inspiration.

Kitchen Interior Decoration in Paris

Mediterranean Architecture to Parisian Lifestyle: The Art of Lightening the Interiors

With the Mediterranean, in front of our eyes, we can admire the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, The French Riviera “Côte d’Azur”, the luxury of Monaco, you will never get tired of drinking good wines, or waking up your taste buds to the smell of the tasty dishes of southern Italy, Bordeaux wines, Tunisian breads, Turkish delights…
Our imagination can even take us to fine sandy beaches in Turkey or immerse ourselves among the restless merchants of the Moroccan souks. No matter what image we favour, it is indisputable that the Mediterranean has left a deep imprint in the culinary art, the culture itself and even on home decoration.

The Mediterranean architecture is in the mind of the people who inhabit it: colorful, spicy, rich and varied. It is exactly these values of diversity that Luxoria aspires to communicate through its kitchen decorations.

Natural materials are favored: lighter tone stone gives character to the the floors, the furniture is choose from wood in light colors that will capture the beautiful light. The choice of colors is focused on light colours and even neutral, to create a space with a relaxed atmosphere.

It is by taking a touch of this culture that Luxoria brings a warm spirit to its kitchens.

Kitchen Interior Decoration in Paris

A Parisian Obsession : The Culinary Excellence

Luxoria is always inspired by different cultural visions.

When traveling, Luxoria interior designers are inspired by fashion, art, architecture and culture from around the world. Travel is a strength, every trip is a strong and rewarding experience. The refined architecture of the Greek islands, the baroque and overloaded buildings of italy or the limpid perfection of Scandinavia. Each trip feeds a little more to the designers’ inspiration

These inspirations and ideas are subtly blended in order to create unique contemporary interiors. The style blend is the trademark of Luxoria.

Bjarni Breidfjord particularly likes to bring the coastal sunshine to Paris, the inspiration of the Mediterranean kitchen fits perfectly with the contemporary style of the French capital.
France is known worldwide for its cuisine. Visitors from all over the world come to taste the culinary excellence of Paris. Art, cuisine and architecture are extremely linked in the capital. The chef is an artist and for the work to be successful, he must have at his disposal, the best of tools: his kitchen. The kitchen must be able give room to the imagination of the chef, a large space where he can work freely. That is why Luxoria attaches great importance to the decoration of kitchens. The designers are very meticulous when it comes to decorating Parisian houses and homes, it is necessary to do honor to the so-called French touch, but also to meet the requirements of the international customers.

Kitchen Interior Decoration in Paris

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