Vision of Interior Decoration on the French Riviera by Luxoria

Luxoria Interiors works in the field of interior design, interior decoration, renovations and interior architecture. We are based in French Riviera and Paris but we operates around the world. Indeed, we have already work in the Middle East and the United States

Interior decoration is a big part of interior design or interior renovation, it’s the final touch of long reflection and valuation. Interior decoration make you feel at home, and reflect the image you want to transmit. Our team is looking for the best interior decoration for you.

The French Riviera is an inspiration for us, like Paris, we think is a really special place, with an identity and a savoir-vivre. It’s one of the reasons we work on the French Riviera.

Luxoria Interiors work with professionals to offer you the best materials for interior decoration. From lighting to accessories and all other components of interior decoration, we work with professional partners, local artist and prestigious galleries to make unique interior decoration.

Villa in Provence luxury provincial villa

Thanks to the expertises of our team, we are able to create all type of Interior decorations style, as classical, modern, contemporary or avant-garde for example.

All our projects are made with high-ended and luxury, we only do the best, that’s why we are based in famous places like French Riviera and Paris.