Interior Design Paris

The Luxoria Paris agency is ideally located in the 6th district, at number 38 rue Saint Sulpice, beautifully surrounded with a direct view on the Saint Sulpice church and it’s square.

Bjarni Breidfjord, the creative director of Luxoria, makes a point that his team and offices must always be at the heart of the most inspiring cities. It’s crucial that the team members grow and create in a beautiful and inspirational environment.

Luxoria Paris, echoes to the cutting edge Parisian flair, creating unique architectural projects, mixing styles and periods of times for an international high standard clientele.

Many bring with them their cultures and their inspirations creating results that are often very ingenious and out of the ordinary. This has without doubt had an impact on the interior design scene in Paris. Luxoria makes a point of preserving this richness and making the most of it to create luxurious and tailor-made design, in total harmony with the environment and its owner