Interior Design Parisian Style

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Interior design in Paris

Parisian Style by Luxoria

The French capital is a world reference in fashion, art, cuisine and even love! But there is another area in which the city stands out: interior design. When we hear Paris we automatically have in mind the Haussmannian style, which makes this big city a place with an important cultural heritage. The Parisian Style is unique and very detailed, which gives an elegant result, chic like the city itself.


The Art of Mixing Eras

Thanks to the Haussmanian heritage, Parisian Interiors have a sumptuous skeleton. Large spaces with high ceilings, sunny and very bright, it is the epitome of luxury. The Parisian Style pays tribute to its past, where a classical spirit is put forward. It is by blending the contemporary with the classic that magnificent interiors are created. Haussmanian codes are perpetuated and furniture and decorative objects are appreciated. Everybody knows that Paris is very modern and in fashionable. In the decoration of a Parisian interior everything is played out in the control of the balance between the classical and the contemporary. Luxoria makes it a point of honor to highlight the magnificent cultural heritage of the French capital. The contemporary touch makes the space unique while keeping the Parisian charm and creating contrast all at the same time.


The Mastery of the Elegant Subtlety

Paris, a city of elegance refinement and chic. Refinement is a French characteristic that has come to us through the ages, patrons encouraging artisans and creators to express themselves in all areas: art, architecture, interior decoration, jewelry, perfumes, fashion, and other. These luxury industries have flourished mainly in Paris which has attracted creators from all over the world.

Luxoria designers are greatly inspired by these masters of subtlety. Parisians are passionate about white and gray, it is the use of simple and rather neutral color palettes that gives the luxury touch. The advantage of neutrals is that they blend with any color, the choice of neutral bases makes it easier to integrate eclectic furniture and play with styles. This creates an atmosphere of elegant sobriety.


The Parisian Style : Unique in its Diversity

The Luxoria team is composed of designers of all nationalities, with a taste for diversity and the mixture of culture and style, one reason why they appreciate the french capital. People from all over the world come to live in the capital of elegance. Paris lists different cultures, origins and styles. Through his Parisian walks, Bjarni Breidfjord constantly feeds his creativity and his inspirations. Thus, at Luxoria, unique luxury interiors are created. Parisian interiors are very eclectic, the chic bohemian atmosphere of Saint Germain, the splendour of its the big avenues, the trendy and arty feel of the Bastille district, and the super trendy feel of Le Marais. Everything is possible with the conception of a Parisian interior. The interiors are like the people who live there. Luxoria tells a story to its customers and each encounter combines with a brilliant decoration. Like its inhabitants, the Parisian interiors are unique, diverse, cosmopolitan and free.

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