Bar Botanique in Amsterdam

Formerly a gym and later a local café, the new interior is marked by its identity from its past. A tropical atmosphere, designed by Studio Modijefsky, brings a fresh and green interior to the former local Dutch café. New elements in the interior such as geometric rings that suspend plants from the ceiling, bold geometric shapes, organic motifs, custom glass racks with light tubes and furniture details respect past history.

Double height large windows cover the entire façade of the corner building and create a direct link between the interior and its surroundings.Inspired by the old railings in the café, the new railings divided and established the space. The dining area is separated from the rest of the interior, and reflects a slight change in mood – warm pink walls, flower press menu-board and green velvet banquette.

Plants have a significant presence in the interior : palm trees, philodendron, ferns and monsteras. Highlighted with lamps, the plants produce dramatic reflections on the ceiling and walls, as the sun goes down the shadows become more distinct and the bar life begins.

A true botanic experience !

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