How to find the best interior designer?

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Finding the perfect interior designer is like a match made in heaven. Yet it might not be that easy to find. The right person will understand your every need. They can fit into your schedule, however tight it might be while delivering the exact result you had in mind. Thus, the best interior designer for your project will not necessarily be the one your neighbor thought was the best. But the one that fits your needs the best.

Before you go out and about looking for that perfect match, we have compiled in this article our best advice to help. This will aid you in defining some specific elements. Taking some time to determine your needs before looking for an interior designer will surely save you time and ensure the success of your project.

Evaluate your needs

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First and foremost, being clear on what you need an interior designer for will fast forward you much closer to finding the best match for you. Are you looking for someone to help you ​renovate your kitchen? A designer to revamp the interior of your boat? Or rather someone to redesign an entire castle? Depending on the scale and the nature of your project, the best match for you can differ completely. For some, an independent designer might be what they need while some bigger projects can require entire design agencies. In order to evaluate your needs, we advise you to picture how you want both the process and the result to look and feel. For instance, you can ask yourself the following questions: Do I want to have my say on how every little thing goes, or do I want them to take care of every single detail?

Determine your schedule

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Being aware of your schedule and the pace at which you will need the project to advance is also an important element to take into account. Once you have determined your schedule, make it a priority to express your needs in that regard as well. It will be immensely helpful for your designer and will make for the m​ost timely results.​

Be clear on the result you’re aiming for

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Having a very clear idea of what you want the final results to look like is also a great way to find a suitable interior designer. Not every designer works with a portfolio. But if you are clear on the results that you want to have, then it will be easier to find a designer that has already designed it. This way even though they haven’t already realised it they might also be able to offer suggestions. Or other options on what they can accomplish for you. Communicating clearly on the idea of the result you want will also be very helpful for designers in order to draw their sketches.

Explore your options

Now that you have determined what you want and what your schedule is. You can actually start exploring your options in order to find the best interior designer for you. You can either go on ​Pinterest and look for inspiration in the form of pictures that would represent the result you want. It will surely leave you inspired. Talented designers that are able to provide you with what you’re looking for can also be found on ​Instagram. Following talented designers that offer great inspiration and innovative insights as far as design is concerned. This is another great way to find the best match. These platforms can also show you all the options that you might not have thought about before. This can lead you to the best match for your project.

Even though these platforms can be gold mines for inspiration, finding an interior designer where you live or in the same area as your project is occurring is also a great way to find the best designer for your project. Indeed, not only is it very convenient to have your local designer for your project but it is also a great source of inspiration for local trends and expertise.

Get in touch with professionals

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Whether it is a designer store or your local plumber, why not share your project with them? They will be delighted to connect you with members of their professional network, which might lead you to the perfect professional for your project. At Luxoria, our teams are composed of a ​wide variety of designers,​ with a varied discipline background. This has enabled us to provide our clients with bespoke solutions for a large and diversified number of projects. If you feel that one of our designers might be a match for your project, feel free to ​get in touch with us,​ even if we end up not being the exact profile your project needs, we’ll be able to direct you toward the right fit.


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