Interior decor 101 – How to learn home decoration

Interior Decor 101: You’ve recently become aware of the importance of home decor and design but you feel like learning more on the topic. As professional home designers at Luxoria, we’ve had to begin projects from scratch and with the process. In this article, we will be sharing the basics of interior decor and how to start learning home decoration even if you’ve never done it before. 

Start simple

Luxoria August 2020 Moodboard

Just like any creative endeavour, learning to decorate a house from scratch requires time and dedication. Before it can become a pleasant activity it is definitely a new skill that needs to be polished and learned. At the beginning we advise you to start very simple and move up gradually to decorating more complex spaces such as small rooms or spaces with less light. Not only will it provide you with a more pleasant space to live in but you will also grow more and more confident as time goes by. Creating a mood board or collecting inspirational imagery can help determine the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Follow some basic rules..

  • ..such as the golden rule of odd numbers

Whether it is for cushions or flower vases, try and think in odd numbers instead of whole ones. Contrary to what one may think, for instance three chandeliers will give a more stable impression than just two. This basic rule is also applied by florists who will never make a bouquet with a whole number of the same flowers as well as photographers when doing a composition.

  • And apply it to colors

When it comes to picking furniture and paint you will soon be faced with the issue of colours. Even if you can’t help but pick a pink sofa, keeping it down to three at first will give a consistent and more professional impression to the end result. In addition, choosing three colours will set the basis for what pieces of furniture or decoration you will add to your interior. 

  • In general, less is more

Especially in the beginning, in order to ensure a harmonious result and atmosphere, always apply the ‘’less is more’’ rule. Less furniture, less clutter, less pieces of decoration but well chosen ones will create an impression that your home is more spacious. It will also let more light in. Indeed, minimalism a key movement; it is an easy rule to follow as you start home decor it could remain a principle even as you improve your skills and grow into a professional interior designer.

As a matter of fact, one of the rules of minimalism is to choose to invest in essential pieces that you will be able to keep. A dinner table, a sofa are big and essential items that are worth investing in and will shape how you decorate around. Essential pieces like these should also be easy to take with you if you were to move into another house or apartment. 

Use layers

From floors to furniture or wall paint to art works, another rule is to think in terms of layers. For instance, before choosing a carpet, decide on the type of floor you will go for. Similarly, before you choose the colour of your cushions or plaid cover, pick the colour and shape of your sofa. In the future you will obviously be able to make changes. But when starting from scratch, thinking in terms of layers will help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. Even as a beginner in interior decor. With time you become more skilled, you will then be able to add layers of home decor to each room. It will create a beautiful and coherent result

Break down the house plan

…and start with the bigger room. The bigger room of a house or an apartment is usually the living room. It is often the one you and your family spend the most time in. It’s where you welcome guests and where you might also have been working remotely. It is thus one of the most important spaces of your living place. As a beginner in interior decor, picking this very room to start decorating will give you an opportunity to test your skills and how you appreciate the space you’re working on. Then you will be able to move on to secondary spaces such as the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Learn from professionals

Luxoria Founder Bjarni Breidfjord

If it is something that you are really interested in pursuing, you might want to dig the topic a bit deeper and learn concepts and practices for significant improvements. Above is an interview with Luxoria founder Bjarni Breidfjord.

From Youtube tutorials to MIT courses, the opportunities to learn interior design are numerous on the World Wide Web. Yet, the width of the offer might sometimes feel overwhelming and selecting adequate content can often prove tricky. Our teams at Luxoria are specialised in home decor and will have no hesitation in guiding you toward outstanding home decor services whether it is online or in real life. 

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