Luxoria Loves Shamballa : Interior Design on the French Riviera

Taking Eastern inspirations in jewelry and using them in Interior Design on the French Riviera.

Not only is the team at Luxoria wild about Interior Design, we are also passionate about all things luxury. What could be more luxurious than jewelry! Luxoria loves Shamballa Jewels. We own a few pieces ourselves and can’t resist the design. The company represents luxury today. One of our favorite things about the Shamballa website is the Journal page, where you can keep up to date with the Shamballa team through a photo journal. Check it out here.

Interior Design on the French Riviera

Here at Luxoria, we think we can learn a couple things from the design of these beautifully crafted jewelry. As you may know, Luxoria has always been a huge fan of patterns, especially patterns that come from the Middle East and Eastern cultures. Take a look at our previous post on Jessica Helgerson here and you will notice that the pattern on the floor in the second photo is oddly familiar to Shamballa’s trademark emblem. Interior designs imitates jewelry, or jewelry imitates interior design? Hmm… we will leave that one for the philosophers, we’re just happy to enjoy.

We chose to feature this classic Shamballa bracelet in gold and black because as you may have noticed from our other recent posts, we are obsessed with this color pallet. See evidence here.

Next Stop: Maison et Objet Interior Design Art Fair

We hope that everyone has a great weekend. Luxoria is headed to Paris tomorrow morning for Maison et Objet Interior Design art fair extravaganza. Don’t worry, we will soon be back here on the French Riviera, newly inspired and ready to get to work! Bon week-end.


Interior Design French Riviera

Interior Design French Riviera

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