Luxoria Loves Goyard

Luxoria Lifestyle is so much more than just interior design

Luxoria is crazy about craftsmanship, especially when craftsmanship means painstaking work for excellent quality finishes. For us in the interior design business, this is what luxury is all about. Naturally, we appreciate products that go above and beyond expectations. One company that meets these credentials is Goyard in Paris. As Goyard mentions on its website, its products are meant to be timeless in an otherwise disposable society. They offer travel goods, handbags, wallets, dog accessories, and much more. They are recognized by their hand painted patterned that is found on all of their leather goods in select colors.

What does that have to do with interior design?

Well, watch the video below. So much more than just a fashion accessory, you can see the painstaking work that goes into creating a luxury product. That is something we understand at Luxoria. It’s all too common to get caught up in the final product, that we often don’t think about the blood, sweat and tears that came before that beautiful purse, or a luxury villa on the French Riviera. In a disposable world, nothing can replace hard work.

Watch the video below: