Monaco Grand Prix


Luxoria team was in Monaco on the occasion of the Grand Prix that took place from May 26th to May 29th 2016.

260,52 kilometers, 78 lapses , more than 100 000 spectators: every year, Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 1 catches everyone’s eye. It is the story of a hectic race, of tires which scrape on the asphalt. An exceptional competition where the biggest racers of the world gather to compete. During this period, people from all over the world that specially came for this exciting long week-end could appreciate night and day’s activities such as parties at the most popular bars and lounges, fine cuisines and private events on luxurious yachts.

But Monaco is much more than Grand Prix. It is an experience, a dive into a world where the money flows like water, with glossy lipstick, with champagne on yachts. « For the pilots, Grand Prix is very particular, because everybody is in town, explained the ex-pilot Niki Lauda in an interview recently “the racers that have a god-like status have to stay in their hotel to avoid the crowds.”

This Sunday race saw the Australian Daniel Ricciardo in pole position only to be overtaken later during the race by Lewis Hamilton who ended up winning the Monaco Grand Prix 2016.

We await patiently for the return of Grand Prix next year and all the parties that come along with it.

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