Reopening of the Ritz Paris

Luxoria team is excited about the renewal of this mythic hotel, a makeover that went on for nearly four years. The Ritz Paris reopened June 6, a few days and 118 years after its original June 1, 1898, opening and almost three months later than intended because of a fire at the property in January 2016.

Luxury Living a Luxoria Interiors design partner and supplier has been largely responsible for the furnishing of the interiors. They are also known for producing brands such as Fendi, Bentley and other high end brands. Needless to say the results are stunning.

This story begins when the Swiss hotelier César Ritz bought the property, then the Hôtel de Lazun but originally a private palace constructed in the early 18th century that was home to several noble families. His idea was to open the most luxurious hotel in the world. According to César Ritz, the Ritz was supposed to represent : “all the refinement that a prince could desire in his own home.”

The Ritz attracted instantly high society Marcel Proust, Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Coco Chanel who lived there for 34 years, to name but a few.

In 1979 the property was bought by Mohamed al-Fayed, its current owner. He decided to close the hotel in 2012, to make some changes that would restore its past glory.

Many of the transformations are subtle as the plumbing, heating and cooling systems, high-speed Wi-Fi and telephones from which guests can control lights and temperature. Furthermore, there are now 142 rooms instead of 159, the old number, and 71 are suites because of the fire. The furniture in all the rooms including two of the most prized before the renovation — the Imperial Suite and the Coco Chanel Suite — is an exceptional combination of restored pieces, newly acquired antiques and replicas. There are also new themed suites, each unique, such as Mozart, Maria Callas and Proust.

“The new Ritz Paris remains the same as the old Ritz Paris but in a better version,” Mr. al-Fayed said.