Think… Luxury : Luxoria Interior Design on the French Riviera

A Luxurious Inspiration for Interior Design on the French Riviera

Luxoria is obsessed with this beautiful interior design by Kelly Wearslter. What is not to love? The gold and black color combination screams luxury. If you don’t believe us check out our other post on this color combo here. We love the sleek lines and geometric patterns. Check out that ceiling! I mean, who uses geometric patterns on the ceiling, brilliant! Another interesting note about he geometric patterns used in this interior design are the mis-match that she uses. In the below photo, check out the back corner of the entrance hall and you will see how she has taken another pattern and blended it into the floor. This works because she has used the same color pallet and materials in the design. The mirrors give this space a much larger feel. So necessary, especially when you are using black in a windowless entrance hall (danger alert). Finally, the sculptures on the middle table give the room an asymmetrical,  which prevents the room from being too boring; so easy to do in a black and white space. Congrats on a great space. That has to be one happy house owner.

Luxoria is ready to apply some of these same concepts and give it the “Luxoria Touch” in your next project. Contact us today for more information in how to turn your French Riviera home into a masterpiece.

Interior Design on the French Riviera

Interior Design on the French Riviera

Want that asymmetrical sculpture? Find it here. Luxoria Interior Design on the French Riviera