All white everything? How to use white interior design in your home decoration.

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White interior Design: Minimalistic and classy, white is an easy go-to colour to work with, especially when you’re only getting started with home decoration. Although not technically a colour per se, white is the most common one used in home decor.

Not only does it bring light to any room, but it also creates an impression of a bigger space. It is therefore the best colour choice when designing a small apartment or room. Yet, beyond the light and space aspects, there are actually many different ways to use white in your house, and this article will tell you all you need to know about it.

All the shades of white

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Contemporary curved staircase from Jolson Architecture Interiors

As with any other colour, designing with white is all about balance. A balance between a more conventional interior and a striking one. You can choose to make a statement and go for an all white interior or just add little touches of white to a more colourful project. Yet, as you go for the all white option, the challenge will be that of contrast. A key piece of advice when undertaking white interior design – Too much white can often result in a rather plain result.

A way to avoid such a result is to play with all the different shades of white. From white to light grey, from beige and back to white again, using different shades of white will create a dynamic yet still spacious impression. Using different textures will thus also be a way to play with the various shades of white.

Just a touch of white

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On the contrary and depending on the type of space you’re designing, you can choose to use much more colour than white. Picking colourful pieces of furniture and artworks is a great way to build an original interior, as much as adding colour block walls is a fantastic way to give personality to a space. Yet, too much colour can easily create an impression of oppression, especially in small or dark spaces. Thus, adding just a touch of white in the form of a wall or an accessory will allow your visitor’s eyes to unwind a bit and still enjoy spending time in your space. Another way to use white in home decor is to bring light in strategic places.

Playing with light

White is not technically a colour but rather the perception of all the colours of the spectrum, it is also the colour of light. Then another way to use it is to play with light. Whether it is natural light coming from a well placed window or spots in the ceiling, light will be your ally when looking at adding white in your interior. As a consequence, white is also a very common choice for ceilings. White ceilings easily reflect natural or artificial light back onto the room. Playing with light means playing with shades as well. Imagine a white wall with all white design pieces on it. As light evolves throughout the day, the shade of the piece moves on the wall, creating a dynamic artwork and design in your own house.

White for specific spaces

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On the other hand, white is a very common colour for bathrooms and kitchen equipment. As bathrooms are often rather small spaces, white appliances tend to be chosen to widen the room. Although colourful kitchens have become quite common, white is anything but basic. Not only will it provide you with a kitchen full of space and light, white will also give a cleaner look, which is quite suitable for kitchens.

White as your very own canvas

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All white walls and bright pink artwork, white wooden floors and tribal details. Using white as the basic colour of your interior will provide you with your very own decoration canva and plenty of space and possibilities for self-expression. You can go for a colourful final result using statement pieces such as bright coloured furniture and striking artworks or rather choose to create a monochrome atmosphere using black or dark brown contrasting elements.

Another way to use white is to play with shapes. Oval tables, unconventional wall and ceiling shapes are another way to play with white and the various shades between white and grey. It will enable you to create a light and spacious space while still adding depth and character to your interior.

Wood, linen, velvet, glass, the different textures are also a great way to play with white interior design and the various shades of white and grey.

Using white interior design can be tricky but it should especially remain fun. For more inspiration on how to do so, you can always have a look on our past projects or get in touch with one of our professional interior designers. Mixing and matching colours is what they do on the daily. So with their collective knowledge they can create a space perfect for you!