Luxurious Interior architecture in Cannes

Cannes is a seaside resort notorious for its festival, the glamour and the glorious weather. Private owners as well as professionals often need architects for the refurbishment of their interiors. Specialised in luxurious interior design in Cannes, we work on the decoration of houses, villas, yachts, apartments and lofts, as well as offices etc. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to discover all our services.

Our services of Luxurious Interior Design in Cannes

As interior designers in Cannes, we offers several different services, including audit, conception and realisation of luxurious interior decoration.


Our services start by an audit. We come to you for a first visit to evaluate your needs in interior decoration. We analyse the layout and arrangement of your living areas, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Once we have done the analysis, we can create your future interior decoration together, including the organisation of the spaces. You can choose the colours, materials on trend and adapted to your own tastes. The purpose of this phase is to advise you and offer a free quote.

Conception of your Luxurious Interiors in Cannes.

Once the audit is done, we can create your interior layout. This purpose of this phase is essentially to design and improve your interior. We propose different furniture options to offer you a more sophisticated ambiance. For a luxurious interior in Cannes, we understand a design brief and required specifications. With this, we can easily fulfil your needs. Additionally, we can also create your project in 3D in order to have a better understanding of the project.

Realisation of your luxurious interior architecture project in Cannes

Our interior design agency also carries out the decoration works whether your home is a new build or in refurbishment. We are use our creativity to offer you an elegant and luxurious interior. We focus on optimising your space and every detail of its organisation. We propose turnkey services, this takes into account all of your needs and wishes.

Luxurious Interior architecture in Cannes

A High End Team

Our Mission

Interior Architects specialised in luxurious designs in Cannes, our mission is to offer the best quality spaces and to improve your day to day lives. In order to create your luxurious interior, we work together in a trusting environment. We propose a qualitative service, original and exclusive while always being available and taking into account all of you needs.

Our Assets

As a modern agency, we bring forward our expertise and experience, creativity and modernity. That’s why our agency is connected and available for all your requests. You can reach us by phone, email, via our own online platform or Instagram. We will regularly give you updates on your project’s evolution. Working in Cannes, our agency brings forward the unique French style, known and liked worldwide. Both flexible and reactive, our agency’s first goal is to satisfy your needs.

Our professional team

Our team will be with you every step of the way, from the first contact to the delivery of the project. We will ensure to offer you a range of high end and professional services, in line with your style and needs. By using our team, you can transform your interior without having to do too much refurbishment works if you so wish. We will advise you on the style choice, especially on the furniture aesthetic.