Interior Decoration in Paris

The Conception of Interior Decoration by Luxoria Paris 

Luxoria Paris’s team bring together interior designers, interior architects, decorators and other professionals of the sector, to compose an interior decoration at your image.

Interior decoration is another aspect of interior design, The interior decoration gathers all the elements of decoration which will compose the interior design, which defines to him the spirit and the different spaces of the pieces. The interior decoration will make you feel at home, will make your interior practical and sophisticated and transmit the image you wish to give.

Luxoria collaborates with professionals to select the best materials, from lighting fixtures, to furnitures, to decoration accessories, in order to meet the highest quality standards and meet all your requirements.

Thanks to all this professionals experts, we are able to make all type of interior decorations styles, from classical, to modern, contemporary or avant-garde.

We ensure our expertise on all types of projects, be it renovations or creations.

Your interior decoration will be composed with local artists and prestigious galleries to make a unique and high-ended interior decoration.

This is one of the reasons that led us to create a part of our office in Paris, in order to have access to the best know-how, which is renowned in Paris. 

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