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How to enhance your interior decoration ?


1. Vary your sources of inspiration

Before you reach out to an interior designer you might want to improve your interior decoration on your own. As it is our field of expertise here at Luxoria, we’ve compiled our best pieces of advice to help you enhance your interior decoration and make your home a welcoming place that fits your every mood.

Whether you live on the French Riviera or in Paris, the context you reside in can serve as the natural basis for how you will decorate your interior. But you can also choose to decorate your house according to all the inspiration you have acquired from the places you have visited. You can also draw inspiration from projects recently delivered in Nice or in Provence.

2. Create a mood board

If your lifestyle leads you to travel often, you might have seen and experienced various landscapes and atmospheres that you can easily draw inspiration from. Creating boards on Pinterest will help you to have all your inspirations in the same place. You will also be able to come back to it anytime and adjust them as your project progresses. You can also imagine creating boards for each type of project or each room you are working on.

3. Picture the room’s purpose

Great design means great quality of life. Before moving on to colours, paint and textures, imagine what life would look like in this room. A relaxing glass of wine and dinner with your significant other, your children playing, running around on a sunny Sunday morning…you name it. And then you design around it. As daily life is a moving phenomenon, your design should facilitate it rather than get in the way. Thus when picking furniture or organising your space, always keep movement and practicality in mind.

4. Try to keep it down to 3 colours

Once you have determined the mood you want to aim for, choose 3 colours to build your home decoration project around. Although you might see projects build with more than 3 shades, keeping it subtle is the best way to ensure a harmonious result.

5. Start From the Ground Up

At first glance home decor might feel overwhelming for aspiring designers. Starting from the bottom and designing on the way up will help you organize the various steps to reach a coherent result. Floors are often forgotten or considered in the last intention while making it the priority will make your task much easier. We advise you to pick your floor depending on the purpose of the room you’re decorating. For instance hardwood floors will be the perfect fit to create a warm and cosy living room while tiles might be the best option for a kitchen or a bathroom.  

6. Raise the ceiling

When designing a room, space and light should always be your main focus. If you are lucky enough and have high ceilings, light will inundate the room naturally. But if your ceiling has the standard height of 250cm, as it is the case for most apartments you might be tempted to achieve an impression of higher ceilings by virtually raising them. You can do so by painting the skirting and the coving in the same shade as the walls.

7. Build around a focal point

A focal point is the part of the room visitors’ gaze will land first as they enter. Whether it is a painting, a peculiar piece of furniture or a striking wall color, building your room decoration around a focal point will capture your visitors’ attention and make your interior design unforgettable.

8. Mix the textures

Wood and linen, velvet and copper, iron and marble… the possibilities of combinations are only limited by your imagination. Mixing and matching textures will bring character as well as depth and warmth to your interior. By picking statement pieces that reflect your personality or bring back distant memories from past travels and sprinkling them around your house, you will recreate a physical patchwork of your life experiences.

9. Keep it clear and decluttered

We all have our definition of clutter and our houses are also our safe haven from the turmoil of daily life. But as space is the frame to your home decor and design, making sure that light is shed on the specific pieces of design and furniture that matter.

10. Make it your own

Following these guidelines will help you achieve a professional-looking result. Yet your home should be a reflection of your own personality and character. Thus feel free to slightly break some of those rules and make your interior decoration a true version of who you are. 

You’ve had your go at interior design but you still wish some professional insights, at Luxoria we will be thrilled to share them with you. Feel free to get in touch with our professional design teams and share your projects with them.