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What is an interior designer and what is their role?

Interior designer is in charge of for the design and decoration of the space. It is therefore a question of putting forward a multitude of skills.

The aesthetic skills, the interior designer makes every effort to create a decoration according to your taste. He must know how to analyze your personality and your desires to transpose them into the decoration, in fact, the interior designer knows how to transform your personality and your way of being in a decoration that resembles you and that will make you feel at home. In addition to this ability to analyze, the interior designer, thanks to his knowledge and experiences, offers you exclusive decorative styles, and although each interior designer has his own personality and his own vision of decoration, he will offer you Things to your image. The interior designer is in contact with designers, galleries, and other exclusive suppliers in order to offer you the best materials and objects of the market.

An interior designer also has skills in spatial planning. It has the role of ordering and creating spaces appropriate to their functions in order to be able to evolve in the best conditions. Interior designer collaborates with architects to think about the layout of spaces and create harmony. Each space is thought to be used at best and in its entirety, from studio apartment to villa, the interior designer uses his skills to create pleasant living spaces.

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Interior designer must also have management skills, in fact he is in charge of the management of the project and its budgeting. Its role is to accompany you on all the stages of your project, from its conception, its budgeting to the final stage of the realisationInterior designer must therefore be able to manage and advance the project in the right direction and in the most rational way possible.

Interior designer can work both for individuals and professionals. It is able to create nice places to live, but also functional and attractive workplaces.

It is thanks to all his varied skills that the interior designer is an asset for your projects. Although it generates a cost, the interior designer will make you long-term, save money. Indeed, with its experiencesadvice and network it will help you in the choice of materials and service providers to appeal. All in order to carry out your project in the best conditions and to bring out the best result.

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The first encounter with your interior designer is unique to each individual and project. It is important that during that first meeting the interior designer gets to know their potential client, their likes and dislikes, their style inclination and of course the property. Once all ground is covered in the first meeting then the designer can get to work realising the full potential of the property.

The interior designer will study the notes and information from the meeting with the client and get to work. This usually involves developing mood boards, revising floorplans, elevations and creating 3D renderings to enhance the vision of the project proposal. The duration of this stage depends on the scale of the project, the presentation can be conducted in person or via

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