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Yacht Interior Design We Love


Yacht interior design is synonymous with glamour and travel. These type of interiors need to be both practical and appealing to the eye. Thus, yacht interior design can be some of the most challenging, but experimental, designs one can go for. One has a myriad of design styles to go with, but there are four key styles we favour above all.

Old World Prestige

Yacht interiors that draw inspiration from old-world designs. They can feel like a luxury turn of the century hotel on the seas. This aesthetic draws a lot of of its characteristics from enchanting old-world ships. There is notable use of dark woods, blue tones and plenty of panelling details. Their design is a reflection of the stylistic heritage in seafaring.

Contemporary Cool

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Imagery yacht Rüya by Alia Yachts

Contemporary interiors have become the most popular choice for clients when buying new build yachts. These interiors are highly innovative and, chic and up to date. The tones are muted, with many favouring an earth tone palette and monochromatic themes.

Cutting Edge
Image Credits: Yacht International
These yacht interiors feel futuristic, they are incredibly clever and awe inspiring. These designs can be incredibly intricate or incredibly simple. A cutting edge yacht interior design will fuse together smart tech and styling seamlessly. Many cutting edge yacht designs are still in concept stage of development. These renders allow clients to see the full potential of their project in incredible detail.

Nautical Nod

Imagery AD & Veranda

This is usually reserved for smaller vessels and holds popularity in North America, Scandinavia and the British isles. Think Ralph Lauren meets Nantuck or Provincetown. They are charming and cosy spaces that ooze old-school Americana affluence. These designs tend to pay homage to the principals of yacht design and tradition. Their interiors reference the great history of sailing through expertly crafted woodwork, practical textiles and a nautical colour palette.

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