Design Week Milan, a special year for EUROLUCE

Luxoria team attended Milan International Design Fair, which takes place every year in April in this wonderful city located only a few hours from the French Riviera. The 2015 edition has been proclaimed  International Year of Light by the UNESCO, in which EUROLUCE, the biennial exhibition devoted to excellence in the world of lighting, has been able to celebrate a special and bright 28th edition.

Euroluce, the leading lighting sector event, continues its mission to showcase the very latest in lighting solutions for homes, offices, hospitality and the outdoors, as well as light sources and lighting design software.

The designers showed once again their creativity and their talent, and we felt a romantic and poetic breeze blowing in Milan during those sunny spring days!

Here are some of our favorite lighting installations:

"Set" by Xucià à la Design Week Milan“Set” – Design by Xucià

"Serip" by Euroluce à la Design Week MilanSerip

Baxter à la Design Week Milan 2015Baxter made in Italy

Memory de Boris Klimek à la Design Week Milan 2015 Memory – Boris Klimek

Metal Lux d'Euroluce à la Design Week Milan 2015Metal Lux

Pluma Cubic à la Design Week Milan 2015 Pluma Cubic

Terzani à la Design Week Milan 2015Etoile – TERZANI“Twinkling in an indoor sky”

Ingo Maurer à la Design Week Milan 2015Birdie’s Busch – INGO MAURER

Bocci à la Design Week Milan 2015Bocci

The Design Week also highlights the talent of the young designers in the exhibition Satellite.

Robert Van Embricqs et ses meubles pliables à la Design Week Milan 2015Robert Van Embricqs creates pliable furniture in which movement creates interaction between the users and the architecture.

Chaises Markus Johansson à la Design Week Milan 2015Loop chair – Markus Johansson (Sweden)

Robes de mariées à l'imprimante 3D by Xuberance à la Design Week Milan 2015Incredible 3D printed wedding dress by Xuberance (based in Shanghai)

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