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Interior Architecture & Interior Design

“To create, you must first question everything” – Eileen Gray

We offer clients bespoke design concepts for their projects. These include detailed floor plans and elevations, furniture presentations, mood boards and, upon request, 3D renderings of the designs. Our teams collaborate in-house to come up with the best design solutions for your project. Once the designers decision has been made we present to the client an overview of their project, along with all accompanying visuals.

Project Management

Being a Project Manager is like being an artist, you have the different coloured process streams combining into a work of art ~ Greg Cimmarrusti

A large percentage of our clients opt for us to take on total project management of their property. Through our interior design project management services, we oversee all variables of the project from floor plans to electrics, budgets to installation and everything in between – all facets are taken care of by the Luxoria team.

Residential Design

“The architecture is centered around well-being. I think people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand, it’s a refuge, but it’s also a pleasure. – Zaha Hadid

From villas to penthouses, Provençal getaways and Chateaux, making a house a home comes second nature to us. Homes come in different shapes and sizes and we know each space is unique. We work together to ensure the property’s full potential is realised through clever design techniques. This can involve a full renovation, some updating of decor, a new build etc. We are equipped to take on these works. We create floor plans, furniture lists, mood boards and renders for clients on request.

Commercial Design

“Design creates culture. Culture forms our values. Values determine our future. ” – Robert L. Peters ”

Designing commercial spaces such as offices and other workspaces comes with its own unique challenges. The functionality of the space needs is paramount in an undertaking such as this. From designing commercial spaces such as offices and other workspaces comes with its own unique challenges. The functionality of the space needs is paramount in an undertaking such as this. From corporate family offices to open plan tech workspaces, they all require an ergonomic workspace design. After finishing commercial spaces in France, Monaco and elsewhere, our team of commercial office interior designers are well versed in this environment.

Hospitality Design

Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital for every space. – Mark Hampton

From bars and restaurants to hotels and resorts, hospitality design is an incredibly varied field of design. From this variety grows spaces bursting with charm and character. These types of large scale projects take precision and intricate attention to detail. Working in this field, it is imperative we take into account the target audience and vision of the hotel/bar/restaurant. Our team of restaurant and hotel interior designers collaborates closely with the hotel/bar/restaurant to marry our concept with their vision seamlessly. We have many key suppliers of commercial-grade furniture and materials for any type of project.

Yacht Interior Design

“Form follows – which has been misinterpreted. Form and function should become one, in a spiritual union ”- Frank Lloyd Wright

Yacht interiors are heavily dictated by the shipyards and navel architects vision. Working in tandem with their vision is a challenge but being faithful to the design of the ship is incredibly important. Out team of yacht interior designers can cater to every taste of the client. From traditional yacht interiors to uber-contemporary, no style is off-limits for us.

Home Decoration & Furniture Packages

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” -Juan Montoya

While some of our clients want us to style or decorate their home, others prefer we curate furniture packages for them – we offer both of these services. Styling might include updating upholstery, new soft furnishing and curating art collections. Furniture packages are a quick way of refreshing one’s home in a relatively short timeframe. This involves us analysing the clients home, studying floor plans and creating a list of furniture appropriate for the space.

Turn Key & Home Staging

A room should look like it has been lived in and be greeted in a friendly manner by newcomers. – William Morris

Some clients want us to take full control of a design – this is what we refer to as turnkey. We take care of all variables of the project and when everything is complete we hand the keys over to the client on an agreed-upon date. When the client returns, we hand over their property fully furnished and updated to their taste.

Similar to turnkey interior design projects, home staging requires decorating and furnishing a space within a limited timeframe. Home staging involves making a home presentable for a property market showcase or photoshoot.