Penthouse Interior Design – Penthouse Nice Centre

  • 6 years ago

Project; Penthouse interior design: The main creative hub of the French Riviera is located in the centre of Nice. As a result, the neighbourhood has long been a sought after destination for the world’s most fashionable individuals with discernible taste. This apartment went through a total transformation, as a result sympathetic harmony and flow was successfully achieved.

The building served as inspiration in our material choices. Focusing on the retro aspect and a mix of modern aspects. The apartment was finished with materials that allow the light to play with the different tones of grey. The balcony and terrace connect to the interior space giving an even greater sensation of space and openness.

Above all, the scale of the works undertaken allowed us to completely transform the property into something incredibly special. Finally we achieved a refined modern concept with a hint of retro Riviera charm was the perfect marriage in this project. The moody interiors are juxtaposed delicately with panoramic views of the sunny Niçoise skyline.

To see more from our interior design in the South of France and Monaco click HERE. Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram @luxoria_interiors. There you will find some previous work, current work mixed in with some inspirational work from other designers. On top of that there is the Luxoria Pinterest page. This chronicles our inspiration as well as collaborations. Additionally, you will find mood boards to inspire, lifestyle, fashion, interiors and design elements to browse.

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