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Interior Design in Nice

The city of Nice is dynamic and attract with its soft way of living, the sea and  the glorious weather. Numerous people and professionals choose to relocate  Nice and we can offer our interior design services. To give a new look to your interior, with a trendy and sophisticated feel, our team is at your disposal.  Contact us to use our services and bring more style to your interior in Nice.

Our services of interior Design in Nice

Our Interior Design agency in Nice operates in the renovation and  personalisation of your interiors in Nice. Wether you are a private owner of a  professional, we can operate in transforming your home and optimise your  living spaces.

Interior Architecture

Our agency answers to all your questions in order to optimise your interior  and your work space. We offer several services to all your interior  architecture needs, starting with an audit, conception, plans and building  works.

Our services start by an audit. We come to you for a fist visit to evaluate your  needs in interior decoration. We analyse the layout and arrangement of your  living areas, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Once we have done the analysis, we can create your future interior decoration together, including the  organisation of the spaces. You can choose the colours, materials on trend  and adapted to your own tastes. The purpose of this phase is to advise you  and offer a free quote.

Interior Design

Once the audit is done, we can create your interior and arrangement. This  purpose of this phase is essentially to design and improve your interior. We  propose different furniture options to offer you a more sophisticated  ambiance.

For a luxurious interior in Nice, we realise a design brief and requirements  specifications. With this, we can easily answer your needs. We can also  create your project in 3D in order to have a better understanding of the  project.

Our Missions

Interior Architects specialised in luxurious designs in Nice, our mission is  to offer the best quality spaces and to improve your day to day lives. In  order to create your luxurious interior, we work together in a trusting  environment.

We propose a qualitative service, original and exclusive while always  being available and taking into account all of you needs.

By delegating the decoration to our team, you will gain precious time and  money and get the right style for your interior, wether it is cosy, modern,  classic, industrial, Scandinavian, etc… For professionals, we offer services to  enhance your work environment.

Our Assets

Our Interior Design Agency stands out from others with the quality and  efficiency of its services. We offer tailored services to renovate your interior in  a short period of time. With a personalised quote, we can answer all your  needs while taking into account your taste.

We have a very talented team of architects, interior designers who can  operate in Nice and in the region. Our qualities and services are based on a  great experience and our expertise is renown everywhere in France. To offer  you the interior that speaks to you, we are always available, you can contact  us at any time.

We can operate in empty spaces or during the renovation and we master the  art of colours and materials harmony. By using our services, you will have a  unique and original interior design in Nice. You can contact us on the phone,  e-mail or via our website. To give a new look to your interior, please don’t  hesitate to contact us to benefit from our advantageous services.