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Interior Design in Cannes

Choosing the right Interior Architect to take care of the works can be a  complex task. You need to be able to select an interior design agency that  has the capacity to answer your needs and turn them into reality in your  property. That’s why Luxoria Interiors gives you an interior design service  in Cannes to help you achieve your vision.

Luxoria Interiors for Interior design in Cannes

Luxoria is synonym of Luxury and class. Luxoria Interiors is a Design &  Interior Architecture agency covering Cannes and the region around. We are  specialised in architecture and interior design and we offer high end services  to our clients. Your interior refurbishment is also part of our domain of  expertise. Our first goal is to satisfy our clientele. To do so, we take proud in  offering the best quality of services and personalised support to our clients.

We are following our clients through each step, from the choice of the design  taking into account every essential details in order to ensure the success of  the project. Used to a very rigorous clientele, we can offer high end services  and meet their requirement. With several completed projects in Cannes and  around the world, we can guarantee our expertise in all domains of interior  design for your project.

Decorate your interior in Cannes with  Luxoria

Wether you are in Cannes or elsewhere, the different steps of the process for  the interior design is the same at Luxoria. First of all, we analyse and discuss,  regroup all your inspirations, your tastes and your needs. Then we can study  the spaces and start space planning in order to propose options.

The following step is to present to you our ideas, based on your budget and  our analysis on site. These 2D and 3D sketches will help you get an idea of  the end results after the works. Your suggestions will be our focus to assist you to get the right materials and products for the works. Then we will be able  to estimate the cost before starting the works.

The last step, not the least, is the works on site. Our expertise in interior  architecture will reveal very useful in order to not use too many external  resources. This will allow you to save that extra money to focus on your interior design needs.

Why should you trust us for your interior  design project ?

A qualified, ambitious and available team

Our team is made of professionals in all domains of interior design :  architects and interior designers, landscapers and artisans. They have all  been chosen for their creative flair, their skills and the quality of their work  that allows excellence on each project. This team will support you from  the conception to realisation of your interior design project, We will take  into account each of your requests and you will see them become reality  on our conceptual visuals and the end project. Our passion supports your  ideas and your budget to create your ideal interior.

A High End service

Our agency is renown for high end realisations. Whether it is construction,  interior design, classic decoration or modern, working with us will  guarantee you a luxurious and sophisticated result.

For any interior design needs in Cannes, please contact Luxoria Interiors.