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Interior Design in Monaco

Achieving an optimised and distinctive interior design requires a touch of creativity and originality. For those in Monaco aspiring to infuse elegance and sophistication into their living spaces, Luxoria offers the expertise of our accomplished interior designers. Feel free to reach out to us and explore the array of services provided by our dedicated team in Monaco.

Comprehensive Interior Design Services

Luxoria’s interior design services encompass a spectrum of options, including space planning, colour consulting, furniture selection, lighting design, window treatments, artwork curation, and project management. Beyond these, Luxoria may extend additional offerings such as custom cabinetry, bespoke furniture design, and personalised interior styling. For a more detailed overview of our services, consult our website or get in touch with us directly.

Site Survey – Crafting Your Blueprint

A crucial initial step in interior design, a site survey involves a meticulous evaluation of the physical space before embarking on the project. Luxoria’s interior designers conduct an on-site visit to gather information, take measurements, assess existing conditions, and identify potential design challenges or opportunities. Through photos, sketches, and notes, we create a detailed plan, accounting for factors like lighting, acoustics, ventilation, and architectural features. This information guides the design proposal, ensuring it aligns with the client’s needs and the practical considerations of the space.

Preparing Your Interior Design Project

Engage with our team during the construction or renovation of your home, and Luxoria will bring your interior design vision to life. Offering a turnkey service, we handle everything from furniture selection and flooring finishes to electrical work and material purchases. Our expertise lies in advising you on the best materials, furniture, appliances, accessories, colors, and sizes based on your preferences and needs. Additionally, our artisans can create custom furniture tailored to your specifications, ensuring it harmonizes seamlessly with your interior.

Our Seasoned Team of Professionals

Comprising seasoned architects and interior designers, Luxoria’s Monaco-based interior design firm boasts over 15 years of experience specializing in interior decoration. Browse our catalog and explore our extensive portfolio on our website. Schedule a consultation, and our team will visit your space to analyse your needs, understand your expectations, and provide a free quote. Through collaborative discussions, we tailor our interior design solutions to your preferences, ensuring a harmonious and optimal result for your Monaco residence. Contact us today to begin the journey toward achieving the perfect interior design in Monaco.

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