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Luxurious Interior Architecture in Nice

The city of Nice is known worldwide. A great amount of people come here  each year to enjoy the very famous Promenade des Anglais. This city has  an incredible heritage and you will benefit from it through the properties  you’ve always dreamed of. But how to redecorate your apartment’s  interior ? What are the advantages of contacting an interior architect  specialised in luxury designs in Nice ?

Our Agency, a company that will make you  benefit from an incredible experience

Our company, Luxoria Interiors, is specialised in Interior design. Benefiting  from our experience since 2007 in interior design sector, you will be able to  benefit from this experience with our ideas that you will appreciate. Our  services can adapt to every project, to provide you the best advise and ideas  to redecorate and plan your interior the best way possible.

Wether you live in a house or an apartment, we will always plan the furniture  the best possible way as well as any other room, in order to have consistency  throughout your home.

Our agency offers services for several  different places

Whatever the type of interior decorations you’d like to change, our team is  here to support and help you. You won’t have to fear the lack of ideas. We will  be there to bring them to you. Our Agency has offered services to hotels,  businesses as well as private residential clients, for their houses, villas or  apartments.

You have preferences regarding colours, a favourite furniture style, a type of  flooring that you particularly love, a sensibility to indoor plants, a specific lamp  you’ve always wanted ? We are here to allow your dreams to become a  reality.

Our Agency is always available

Our agency is available for every quote requests. You will benefit from our  high quality service and will appreciate the result. It is important to mention  that our agency will support you in your interior design project, particularly because our interior architect firm is based in Nice. We will assist you every  step of the way in your project.

The help of an interior architect specialised in Luxury design in Nice will be  very useful. All of our interior architects are trained in order to offer every  clients a service that is tailored to their needs. Furthermore, numerous skills  come alongside, like the experience and the desire to create the interior you  will be proud of. Every time you will come back home from work, you will feel  completely at ease in your home.

Our agency is trained and has the ability to react to any situation. You will be  able to tell them exactly what interior design you are looking to for your home.

A blog to get to know us better

Our agency has a blog in order to share our services on the internet. You will  be able to train as an interior designer and absorb practical knowledge. We  are also present on social medias as such as Instagram, Facebook and  Pinterest. You will discover all our services that will most certainly interest  you.