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Interior design Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Interior design in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Interior design in Cap-Ferrat is synonymous with prestige. The peninsula is one of the, if not the most, sought-after locations in the world to live. The region boasts panoramic views of Villefranche bay, the Mediterranean, and the cascading alps to the north. The peninsula is steeped in history, during the classical age the ancient Greeks recorded the name of the peninsula’s town as Anao. Present days Cap Ferrat was first settled by Celto-Ligurian tribes, then by the Lombards at the end of the 6th century. More recently in the 20th and 21st century, Cap-Ferrat has been a go-to hotspot for the jet-set elite, and it is easy to see why. The Belle-epoque era saw the peninsulas beautification truly flourish.

The area has a diverse mix of architectural design, from contemporary to Neo- Classical as well as modernist & provencal, all parties are catered to here. When undertaking an interior design project at Cap Ferrat is imperative to pay homage to the structure in which the works take place as well as the region in which they occur.

Many clients in the enclave of Cap-Ferrat are no strangers to interior design projects. They understand the process and come to us prepared with inspiration for their property re-developments. Projects on the cape vary from full-scale redevelopments of a property to refurbishing and updating decor.

Interior Design styles of Cap-Ferrat are generally dictated by the style of the home. Neo-classical and mature properties tend to opt for a traditional design style. Older homes generally feature elements of provencal stylistic elements with an updated twist for modern living. Modern villas tend to pay homage to mid-century sentimentality while contemporary villas play with cutting-edge design.

No single style dominates in Cap-Ferrat, but one thing all these designed properties have in common is their undeniably chic appeal. Cap-Ferrat has a large ex-pat population, lending this location an international atmosphere. This cosmopolitan ambience is further enhanced by its proximity to the Principality of Monaco. This ideal location makes a great destination for ex- pats and high-net-worth individuals relocating to the French Riviera.

Cap-Ferrat’s strategic location makes it an incredibly popular place to purchase investment properties. These investment properties come with a

hefty price tag but the returns are definitely worth the initial expense. In terms of interior design, investment properties tend to fall into the ‘Turn Key’ category. This means the client hands over the keys to us and we project manage the entire renovation and hand the keys back to the client. They receive a fully completed property, equipped with brand new furniture and decor, even down to the cutlery, linens, and towels.

Our Team tradespeople, interior designers and project managers are equipped to deal with all categories of works. Whether it be a full renovation, turn-key, styling, or furniture packages. They have the skilled knowledge and acumen to undertake any task.