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Here you can find the latest news, blogs and recent press coverage from Luxoria. News reports focus on the inner goings on within the company and upcoming projects. Our blogs focus on interior design, architect, how-to guides, art, lifestyle and cinema. The press section highlights any media coverage we have been featured in.

Hotel Interior Design: Maybourne Riviera

13 . 03 .2023

Article; Hotel Interior Design. The Maybourne Riviera offers an unrivalled position facing the Mediterranean, with stunning views of the landscape extending along the shoreline from…

At a Glance: Monaco Interior Design

10 . 02 .2023

Monte Carlo, a ward in the principality of Monaco, is known for its luxury and glamour, and this is reflected in the interior design of…

At a Glance: French Riviera Interior Design

23 . 01 .2023

The French Riviera is best known for its picturesque coastal towns, luxurious resorts, and stunning architecture. The interior design and architecture of the French Riviera…

Luxury Interior Design Trends Paris 2023

10 . 01 .2023

Luxury interior design focuses on creating a high-end, opulent, and upscale look and feel in a space. This style of design often incorporates rich materials,…

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How to enhance your interior decoration ?

28 . 09 .2021

1. Vary your sources of inspiration Before you reach out to an interior designer you might want to improve your interior decoration on your own. As it…


When should you hire a home designer ?

28 . 09 .2021

When should you hire a home designer; So you’ve been designing your own space for some time now. Redecorating the living room has been your…


Behind Luxoria Interiors and our feature on Man Repeller

28 . 09 .2021

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of Luxoria Interiors recent feature on Man Repeller. We’ll give you the details and links of artwork and…


Stripes, dots, shapes : How to mix patterns like a pro

28 . 09 .2021

How to mix patterns like a Pro: So you were lucky enough to travel to Kashmir this summer and brought back those gorgeous cushions decorated…

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