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Apartment – Musician’s District, Nice



"Make it simple, but significant." -- Don Draper

A two-bedroom apartment in the trendy Musiciens district of Nice needed a revamp. This project was a total renovation. The space was completely gutted and redesigned to accommodate our client’s lifestyle. Our client wanted a playful design that echoed their travels over the years.

"Every great design begins with an even better story." -- Lorinda Mamo

Interior Design Ideas Nice: The Musician’s district of central Nice has long been synonymous with the beating creative heart of the city. The neighbourhood is famed for the distinct Belle Epoque architecture dotted throughout. A prominent Belle Epoque building with private gardens houses this charming apartment.

Our client’s love to travel to exotic destinations was the impetus for our design. Therefore, it was imperative a home bursting with charm and unique character was established in this design. A blend of ethnic, modern, light and airy was the focus in this design process. Additionally, decor stylistic elements were enhanced by Italian designed living room furniture from Paola Lenti.

Throughout the day the apartment is flooded with natural light. The tall 20th-century window outlets frame this sunlight stunningly. Subsequently, it was important to monopolise on this abundance of sunlight in the hues we chose when bringing this design to life. As a result, throughout the day the wall colours appear to change their vibrancy as the sun gently slinks through the property. Refreshingly light coloured walls contrast with the dark Marquina marble floors.

Meanwhile, purple, pale-violet and pink tones combined with natural linen, plants and souvenirs lend this home an ethnic-chic aesthetic. Furthermore, this marriage between contrasts created a home oozing with character. Additionally, one of the key pieces in the living area is the striking patterned sofa and accent tables. This stylistic choice ties together the playful elements of the apartment in an amicable way.

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