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The Interior Architect at Luxoria Paris

Interior Design Paris: Luxoria offers the services of its interior architects for the implementation of your projects, whether for a renovation or for a creation, for an individual or professionals. Our interior architect experts will be at your side to accompany you to every step of your projects.

We have the values to make only high quality products, our interior architects are specialized in renovation and luxury project.

The Luxoria Paris’s team, during its various realizations around the world, has developed its skills as an interior designers and has constantly renewed itself, to offer only the best to its partners.

As we strive to represent as faithfully as possible your ideas and your desires, our interior architects will build with you a project that will resemble you and will discuss with you the key moments of the realization of your interior design and decoration project.

After the French Riviera, Luxoria decided to settle in Paris, as it is one of the most favorable cities in the world for interior architectsParis is an inspiration for many interior architects at Luxoria. Paris has long been a draw for artists and designers, the lure is a culmination of things, access to culture, sparkling nightlife and abundant architecture to name a few.

With a team of professional interior design architects, we are able to answer any type of request.

A Parisian vision of architecture

Haussmannian Architecture as a Reference for Parisian Style

The architecture in Paris has a particularity that it is very marked by a certain time that has made and that still makes Paris glorious in the eyes of the whole world: The Hausmannian Period. Under Napoleon, Hausmann completely renovated Paris and brought a rationalization of the spaces and a harmony to the buildings.

To this day, this very pronounced style has a major influence on the way in which architects conceive the interiors which are characterised by very high ceilings and clearly marked spaces. Luxoria is inspired by this special style. The Hausmannian structure is all about symmetry and balance, both are fundamental principals of interior design, hence why we love working in such a distinctive space.

Although classical in some ways, Hausmannian interiors are spacious and very sought after. While respecting the original architecture, Parisians love to create luxurious and bright interiors using very often their signature greys. The great thing about the Haussmannian properties is that they are versatile, one can seamless blend contemporary touches in this distinctively classical style. This is part due to the generous dimensions one finds in a property of this calibre.

French Elegance Guides our Interior Architect

For France and the French, elegance is a value that must be respected and preserved at all costs, for it is this which makes their fame throughout the world. This vision of luxury and chic is special to France and Paris in particular.

Luxoria’s interior designers have clearly understood these values and like to propose to their clients a layout of their living space, a selection of furniture and a choice of colors that are both representative of their universes but also form a part of this traditional: French Association of Excellence and Elegance.

The importance of respecting this culture of excellence is all the more important as many tourists who dream of a romantic stay in Paris also come to discover this lifestyle that so many dream about around the world where architecture plays a very important role.

From buildings to bridges and monuments and even to the interiors itself, everything is carefully studied to inspire charm, grandeur and a certain idea of perfection, after all Paris is not the capital of fashion and art for nothing.

Paris interior design
Your Own Vision of Interior Architecture

However, all the owners who come from abroad do not necessarily seek the pure French style, they do not necessarily come to look for the “French dream” On the contrary, many have the idea of mixing influences and taking the best of each culture to create a unique place of their own.

No matter where in the world you come from, the Luxoria team is at your disposal to discuss your desires, your vision of your property in Paris, done in a bespoke manner in the most tasteful manner whether it draws inspiration from the so called French Style or not.

We are ready to meet you and manage for you all the complexities of an architectural and interior design project, to select for you the best decoration and furniture according to your budget and your desire. Here you can read a bit about Luxury Home Renovation.

Interior design Paris bar

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