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Luxoria goes to Paris Design Week: Interior Design on the French Riviera


Luxoria goes to Paris Design Week

We are back from a quick trip to Paris. This trip was especially fun for the Luxoria team, we got to meet with the team of Volevatch. If you are not familiar with their work, they are basically the Cartier Jewelers of bathrooms. ho knew a faucet could be so glamorous!  We also sipped champagne with the team from Barn in the City. If your are not familiar with the concept, you should be, it’s basically genius. Barn in the City uses reclaimed wood from abandoned barns and creates some of the most beautiful finishes (thinking of bright gold barn wood?). The team meticulously applies layers of high gloss, so the woods texture looks magnified. I could go on about this all day. If you are obsessed with details like we are, we know you will appreciate this. Luxoria is looking into incorporating this into a project in the works in Nice, on the Promenade des Angalis.

Luxoria eats design

Okay, so we don’t eat design, but we love to soak in the design while we are eating. So what’s fabulous in the city of Paris? Miss Ko is all the rage in the Paris scene. Bjarni had eaten there the last time he was in Paris, and was happy to return with the team for second helpings. The decor is funky, cool and Phillip Starck at his best. When you’re there, you feel like your inside some mysterious japanese sci fi thriller.  The good people at Miss Ko call themselves “fantasmagorique” on their websites, and we couldn’t agree more! The food. WAS. SUBLIME.

Perhaps I’m getting carried away, I could continue. Anyways I might have to do a part II on our adventures in Paris. Our trip also included a guided tour in the gallery annex of the Royale Monceau, and a visit to the ever-popular Maurice.

Ciao for now. – Luxoria Lifestyle : Interior Design on the French Riviera