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Horizon 47


Luxoria team was in Paris on the occasion of Maison & Objet. We were impressed by Horizon 47 and its unique product – Moon.

Horizon 47 is an innovative brand and its purpose is to change our perception of traditional furniture. The goal was to create a product with contemporary design and a hidden acoustic system, making it completely unique and contesting all the solutions that are available in the market making it attractive to architects, interior designers and end users.
Using cutting edge technology and based on advanced R&D, Horizon47 presents an exclusive armchair with an integrated and invisible sound system that offers an unforgettable sound and creates perfect ambiences. Moon is a symbol of a new vision in sound integration and is founded on three principal cores: aesthetics, comfort and experience. 

Moon can blend and fit perfectly in each atmosphere, combining natural premium materials and revolutionary luxurious finishes. Using the exterior structure as a speaker, it is possible to bring this outstanding experience to the outside, creating great, immersive atmospheres. Moon is an incredible and exclusive product for lounge areas : it can be connected to different devices : smartphone, laptop or smart TV.

Obviously, each client is special and different and H47 doesn’t produce standard units. The mission is to choose the ideal colours to incorporate Moon perfectly in client ambience.
Luxoria Interiors looks forward to offering the product to their clients both in Paris and on the French Riviera.