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Luxoria Loves Spanish Flair


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Hola guapos! Some lucky members of the Luxoria crew just got back from a week in Spain. What an inspirational visit! The visit included visiting some design projects in Marbella, Valencia, and Madrid. This time, we had the pleasure of stretching across much of Spain in a car, which meant we got to stop at some less known destinations. One of the things we were struck by regardless of where we stopped where the traditional Spanish tiles.

The versatility of these traditional Spanish tiles is amazing. You can see them in contemporary design, and at a small taverna on the side of the rode in the middle of nowhere. Are Spanish tiles the new black? Or is black the new Spanish tiles? Ceramics have a long history in Spain, and the process of glazing them dates back to Islamic invasion in Spain. The tradition has then spread world wide, most notably in Mexico.

Although we saw many examples of the tile work, we were most struck by Taberna Carmencita’s in Madrid, which has quickly become one of our favorites spots in Madrid. We were there the week they opened their doors to the public, however they have been around for much longer. They have done a good job of incorporating modern lighting and of course, cutting edge gastronomy.  What do you think of these painted beauties?


The photo is not mine, I took it from this great article that you should definitely check out if you like reading in French