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Luxoria Loves Mozza – Interior Design Monaco


Have you been lately to La Mozza in Monaco? Some of us here at Luxoria are obsessed with this restaurant. If you haven’t gone yet. Drop everything and go! Seriously, it’s a must. If you couldn’t guess from the name, the menu is Italian. The kitchen serves up all your favorite traditional Italian dishes. The antipasti is an enormous array of everything you would be served in heaven: cold cuts, cheeses, veggies, oils. Tread-mill tomorrow, enjoy today!

Interior Design Monaco / New York / Italian Style !

The restaurant serves up all this delicious food in an equally delicious environment. The look of the restaurant achieves the vibe of being in your favorite Italian restaurant in New York. Yes, I know: Italian via New York via Monaco next door to the real Italy. But trust me, it’s that vibe. Very few restaurants on the French Riviera accomplish this level of quality in Interior Design. For instance, the picture below shows how they have incorporated the table numbers in the design. Touches like this give an interior that something special.

If you haven’t gone yet. Go this winter for Sunday Brunch with a live jazz band. Also, they are serving up “Vintage Cocktails” every Tuesday for happy hour with a live DJ. Ciao Bellos!