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Interior Designer Q&A – Part Two


In this series, we will answer your burning questions related to all things interior design. Catch up on part one of this Q&A session HERE. If you want to reach out to us with your interior design queries you can do so here: CONTACT

interior design project. Modern style living room with sea view and media wall

How do interior designers stay updated with the latest design trends and innovations?

Interior designers stay updated by constantly researching and networking within the industry. They attend design exhibitions, trade shows, and workshops, subscribe to design publications, and participate in professional organisations. This ongoing education allows them to bring the latest trends and innovations to your project.

Can an interior designer work with existing furnishings and belongings, or do they prefer to start from scratch?

Interior designers can work with your existing furnishings and belongings, integrating them into the new design. This can add a personal touch to the project and help you save on costs. However, they may also recommend replacing certain items if they better suit the design and functionality of the space.

How can an interior designer balance the client’s personal style with their own design expertise?

Collaboration is key. Interior designers aim to understand the client’s personal style, preferences, and needs. Additionally, they then use their design expertise to make recommendations that align with the client’s vision. It’s a balance that results in a customised design that harmonies the client’s tastes with professional design principles.

Are interior designers limited to residential projects, or can they assist with commercial and corporate design as well?

Interior designers can certainly assist with commercial and corporate design projects. They are well-versed in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial ventures. The principles of good design apply across a range of settings.

What role does technology play in modern interior design, and how can clients benefit from it?

Technology has revolutionised interior design. Interior designers use software for space planning, 3D modelling, and virtual reality to provide clients with more immersive and accurate visualisations of their projects. This technology enhances the client’s understanding of the design, making the decision-making process more informed and efficient.

Can you provide examples of how interior designers have transformed challenging spaces into functional and luxurious environments?

Certainly, interior designers have successfully transformed small apartments into spacious, multi-functional havens, attics into cosy retreats, and awkward layouts into harmonious living spaces. Their expertise lies in creatively solving challenges and turning them into opportunities for luxury and functionality. Interior designers based in the likes of Paris and Monaco are well-equipped to work with tricky layouts.

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