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Luxurious interior architecture in Mougins

Luxurious interior architecture in Mougins

Interior design in Mougins is diverse, yet faithful to the region in which it is found. Our clients based here have discerning taste and expect top designs. A firm favourite with ex-pat families, Mougins, and the surrounding environs offer designers a great chance to flex their design skills in the family home setting.

Mougins is a scenic location surrounded by hills and protected parklands. The location is hugely popular with families thanks to its safe location, great international schools, and proximity to the towns of Nice and Cannes – as well as the Principality of Monaco. All of these factors make homes in Mougins highly desirable.

Mougins is afforded plenty of buildable lands thanks to its geographical location. Because of this, houses in the region tend to be generously sized family villas with extensive gardens. The region has heavily invested in growing the services of Mougins to accommodate the influx of ex-pats in the region. The plans for the area will see the building of international schools, exhibition and gallery spaces as well as the exciting Coeur de Mougins development.

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The style of homes in Mougins tends to vary by neighbourhood, but generally, the styles follow these three distinct categories; Provencal, Contemporary & Mediterranean. The area also has plenty of apartments, penthouses, and studios.

Housing design projects in Mougins reference their surroundings through tasteful garden design and complimentary architectural details. Colour schemes tend to revolve around the usual themes of earthy tones, tasteful pastels and terracotta hues.

The quick growth of Mougins has not hindered its charm. Nor has it impacted the character of the fully intact historical village. The growth in population over the recent decades has allowed the region to become somewhat of a gastronomical destination for lovers of fine French cuisine. The region is also a go-to destination for art connoisseurs thanks to its historical significance with artists such as Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Fernand Léger, calling Mougins home. The artistic heritage is celebrated at the Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins.

Our Team tradespeople, interior designers and project managers are equipped to deal with all categories of works. Whether it be a full renovation, turn-key, styling, or furniture packages. They have the skilled knowledge and acumen to undertake any task.