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A striking yacht interior design project that saw us develop a new approach to yacht interiors. The inspiration of the design was a hotel at sea, we wanted to evoke the relaxation and ease one feels when at a luxury hotel. This was achieved by a clever combination of highend materials, plush fabrics, and a joyous colour scheme.

Yacht interior design can be a complex and challenging field to navigate, it’s a different scope of work to how one might redesign a home. But yacht interiors can be highly customisable, therefore adding to their prestige. In yacht interiors it is important that materials are suitable for use on board, it is also important that layouts are ergonomic and space-saving. Clever storage systems are key in yacht projects such as this. While the vessel might feel spacious, there needs to be extra attention to detail when designing for storage, thankfully we are able to accommodate custom designs in effective carpentry systems. We also thrive on exploring the latest advancements in home tech designs.

The Luxya yacht consists of a spacious master cabin, five guest cabins – all cabins are complete with private ensuite. There are three decks for lounging, dining and recreation. The yacht’s interior design is a playful and whimsical take on contemporary yacht decor. The client explicitly expressed their love of colours found in marine life. We wanted to channel this appreciation of alternative design into the yacht design.

The inspirations behind the Luxya Yacht interior design ideas were drawn from the organic shapes of sea life, subtle colours found on barrier reefs and the every enthralling hues of the sea. The client wanted a shift from their previous yacht interiors, this time opting for a bright colour palette with dashes of coral tones. The client’s brief for us, was to refit the entirety of the yacht. This refit covered areas such as entertainment lounges, master cabin, guest cabin, ensuite bathrooms, exterior spaces and service areas.