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Vision of Interior Design by Luxoria Paris


Luxoria is an interior design company that renovates and constructs high-end projects in ParisMonaco, French Riviera & world wide.

Created in 2007, Luxoria has restore a new life to unique places throughout Paris, Monaco, French riviera and overseas, notably in the Middle East and the United States. Included the remodeling of a beauty clinic in the South of France, design concepts for a health bar chain in the USA, a TV station in Monaco and a B & B in Italy to name but a few.

The strengths of Luxoria is excellent interior design abilities, particular attention to details, but also and above all an exemplary customer service and professional outlook in all aspects of our work. Luxoria’s mission is to bring beauty and functionality to everyone’s surroundings creating a sophisticated interior design with exceptional finishes.

We help you to anticipate and plan all the stages of your project. From the feasibility to the budget to be envisaged, we support you in the creation of your interior.

Beyond the simple decoration, the objective of Interior Design is to create a space and an environment that resembles you. We build together a suitable design and a personalized living environment. Luxoria Paris composes your interior in a harmonious, balanced and creative way.

We use spaces, colors, shades, lights but also objects and decoration furniture to manage your interior in ways that are operational, comfortable and sophisticated.

Luxoria is looking for the quality of materials used in the construction of your interior design, we offer you only the best. Quality and Luxury are the key words of every creation made by Luxoria Paris, every detail counts, it is thanks to this rigor and our methods that we can build you a high-end interior design.

Luxoria has established itself in Paris because it is a city conducive to creation, innovation and luxury, and thus give you the best of interior design.

Paris is the world capital of luxury and savoir-vivre, it is these values that Luxoria Paris wishes to transmit to you in each of our creations. Interior design is above all a reflection of your personality.

Luxoria team is composed of professionals and guarantees the best service possible in all steps of your project, from conception to management for your interior design creation.